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Jurisprudence - Philippines

International Jurisprudence
Piandiong v. The Philippines, Case No. 869/1999      
Larrañaga v. The Philippines, Case No. 1421/2005    
Baroy v. The Philippines, Case No. 1045/2002         
Pimentel v. The Philippines, Case No. 1320/2004    
Marcellana and Gumanoy, Case No. 1560/2007       
Lumango and Santos, Case No. 1466/2006 
Domestic Jurisprudence
Yamashita v. Styer,  327 US 1 (1946) on Command Responsibility 
Hilao v. Estate of Ferdinand Marcos, 25 F 3d 1467  
Hilao v. Estate of Ferdinand Marcos, 95-16779
Hilao v. Estate of Ferdinand Marcos, 95-15779     
Hilao v. Estate of Ferdinand Marcos, 95-16487, 95-16145                                 
Trajano v. Marcos,  978  F 2d 493            
Bayan Muna v. Romulo, 159618
Republic of the Philippines v. Sandiganbayan et al., 152154
Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. vs. Republic of the Philippines,189434
Province of North Cotabato et al. v. Republic of the Philippines et al., 183591
People of the Philippines v. Genosa, 135981
Boac et al. v. Cadapan et al., 184461-62
Martinez v. Mendoza et al., 153795
Navia et al. v. Pardico et al., 184467
Gamboa vs. Chan et al., 193636
National Human Rights Law
Revised Penal Code of the Philippines
United States Jurisprudence involving human rights violations in the Philippines
Kuroda v. Jalandoni – G.R. No. L-2662, March 26, 1949, on Command Responsibility For War Crimes     
Tanada v. Tuvera, GR No. L-63915, Apr 24, 1985, on the Right of the People to be Informed on Matters of Public Concern  
Oposa v. Factoran, GR No. 101083, July 30, 1993, on the State’s Responsibility To Protect the Right To Live in a Healthy Environment   
Marcos v. Manglapus, GR No. L-88211, Oct 27, 1989, on the Right To Return To One’s Country
Villavicencio v. Lukban, GR No. L-14639, Mar 29, 1919, on the Right Not to be Forced to Change Residence
Ang Ladlad LGBT Party v. COMELEC, GR No. 190582, Apr 8, 2010, on the right of LGBT Groups to Participate as a Party-List for the Purpose of Fielding a Representative To Congress
Ichong v. Hernandez, GR No. L-7995, May 31, 1957, on Due Process and Equal Protection Clause
Republic of the Philippines vs. Pimentel
U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds Contempt Ruling Against Marcos



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