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Competency Models

The Organizational Effectiveness Talent Management Team has been developing leadership competency models grounded in the University experience for the past three years (see Information Session Slides (PowerPoint)). Through research, interviews, focus groups, surveys, and initial development consulting by PDI, Inc., we have completed models for a variety of management levels.

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Dean Leadership Competency Model

The Dean leadership competency model was developed in 2008 and incorporated in the Dean comprehensive review process.

Dean Model Archive

Senior Leader I Competency Model

Developed for:

  • University President
  • Senior Vice Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Chancellors

Senior Leader I Model Archive

Senior Leader II Competency Model

Developed for:

  • Associate Vice Provosts
  • Assistant Vice Provosts
  • Associate Vice Chancellors
  • Assistant Vice Chancellors
  • Associate Vice Presidents
  • Assistant Vice Presidents
  • Vice Chancellors

Senior Leader II Model Archive

Director Leadership Competency Model

Developed for:

  • Directors, University-wide
  • Associate Directors, University-wide
  • Assistant Directors, University-wide
  • Directors, Campus/College Level
  • Associate Directors, Campus/College Level
  • Assistant Directors, Campus/College Level
  • Directors, Departmental

Director Model Archive

Academic Department Leadership Competency Model

Developed for:

  • Academic Department Chairs
  • Academic Department Heads
  • Academic Department Directors (with faculty rank)

Chairs/Heads/Director Model Archive

Supervisor Leadership Competency Model

Developed for:

  • Supervisors, University-wide

Supervisors Model Archive

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