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Norming: The Third Stage of Group Development

In the norming stage, the group has begun to be effective. The focus of each individual is on "how can I help the group?" Because of this, there is increased cohesion and more collaboration. Trust begins to emerge and differences are appreciated. The issues become how to strengthen relationships, open communication and provide positive and constructive feedback. The team is now focusing on cooperation. The leader's task is to support the group and its members and the group's task is to communicate and ensure the flow of data.

Characteristics of the Norming Stage

  • Increased cohesion
  • More collaboration
  • Emerging trust
  • Appreciation of differences
  • Issues of strengthening relationships, open communication, positive/constructive feedback

Stage Four: Performing

Resources for the Norming Stage

Employee Career Services
The Employee Career Services provides departmental consulting on topics such as improving teamwork.

Performance Management
The Manager's Toolkit has a section on managing performance that provides many resources for providing feedback and motivating employees

Supervisory Training Program
The Supervisory Training Program offers many courses on topics such as improving communication skills, creating a productive work environment and motivating and developing staff.