University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Graduate Assistant Just Cause Termination of Appointment Letter Checklist

A just cause termination letter for a Graduate Assistant position must include each of the following provisions:

  1. Indicate that University employment is being terminated for just cause, and describe the reasons
  2. University job title and corresponding job code
  3. Student ID
  4. Specific University of Minnesota college/campus/administrative unit and, if applicable, department/division for this position
  5. Kind of appointment (e.g., regular annual, conditional annual, single-semester, or flexible hourly)
  6. Percent time of appointment
  7. Appointment type
  8. Appointment term
  9. Actual end date of the appointment
  10. Reference termination is in accordance with the Administrative Policy: Graduate Assistant Employment Policy at
  11. Referral to Employee Benefits for questions regarding benefit continuation
  12. Signature of responsible administrator

NOTE: Obtain approval for action from Office of Human Resources and Office of the General Counsel.