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Hiring Service Agreement: Post & Recruit

Phase 1: Post & Recruit | Phase 2: Screen & Select | Phase 3: Offer & Accept

Phase 1 of the Hiring Service Agreement (pdf) is Post & Recruit. 

Owner Activity Activity Description and Tools
Hiring Unit
Determine Hiring need and gain approval
Review job description and validate position details. For organizational changes or new positions, write job description, consult with Compensation & Classification, determine FLSA exemption status, and create position. Determine salary range and ensure adequate funding is in place. Follow the process within your campus, college, or unit to gain approval to hire.

1. Writing a job description (pdf)
2. Job Classification Database
3. Current salary floors, ranges, & steps
4. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Exemption Form (pdf)
5. FLSA Exempt/Non-exempt defined

Identify and engage others Determine the necessity of a search committee. In the case of a search committee, determine the size, identify the Chair, ensure diversity is represented and consider advisory group and/or Senate committee participation. Formally charge the committee and solicit input from participants on the recruitment plan.

1. Engaging a Search Committee, Interview Panel, or Other Hiring Participants (pdf)
2. University Senate Committee Involvement In Hiring Selected Leaders (Twin Cities, Morris, and Rochester campuses) (pdf)
Enter requistion
Enter requisition in employment system ensuring all fields are completed. The job posting should recognize the importance of diversity. Minimum requirements must be consistent with job classification.

1. Create requisition
2. Job Classification Database
3. Sample Job Postings that Reflect Diversity
Class & Comp Confirm job classification Compensation & Classification will evaluate job description to ensure alignment with job classification. Suggested Timeline: 1-2 days
Job Center Finalize requisition Job Center will finalize job posting and determine if there is a priority hire. Suggested Timeline: 1 day
Administrate priority or "no search" hire
In the case of priority candidates. Job Center will refer them to the hiring unit for immediate action. To extend an offer to a priority hire applicant, proceed to "Select Finalist" step. To request a no search direct hire exception (eg: spousal, exceptional, temporary no post, etc.), complete Requesting a No Search Hire Checklist and proceed to "Select Finalist" step. Suggested Timeline: 0-10 days

1. Requesting a No Search Hire (pdf)
2. Priority Hiring FAQ (pdf)
Hiring Unit or Job Center
Initiate and execute recruitment plan With the unit HR Leader and EOAA Liaison, examine the diversity and affirmative action goals of the unit. Establish the recruitment scope (national, local/regional, University community only, unit only). Identify potential internal and external applicants to invite to apply. Develop sourcing strategy to include print and online ads, professional associations, outreach efforts, and alternative recruitment strategies such as external search firms. If search is likely to attract international applicants, contact International Student & Scholar Services regarding advertising requirements. All applicants must be instructed to apply online to the posted position. Develop Applicant Comparison Tool. Suggested Timeline: 1 day

1. EOAA's Guide to Locating Affirmative Action Hiring Goals (pdf)
2. Affirmative action in the hiring process FAQ (pdf)
3. Recruitment Planning (pdf)
4. Diversity Recruitment Source Database
5. Applicant Comparison Tool (pdf)
6. Unit EOAA Liaisons
Job Center
Post Requisition Post requisition per required posting timelines. Suggested Timeline: 1 day
1. Job Posting Guidelines (pdf)
Phase 1: Post & Recruit | Phase 2: Screen & Select | Phase 3: Offer & Accept




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If you have questions about the hiring process, please contact your college or unit HR professional. If you do not know who your contact is, consult our online directory.

Enter the Employment System to create requisitions and review applicants.

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