University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Reclassification Process

Recently, the University’s Office of Human Resources has simplified the process of requesting a job reclassification for Civil Service and Academic Professionals & Administrative (P&A) employees who have already undergone the Job Family Study. All other employees will continue to use the JEQ or JRQ forms.

Here is some background on the new procedures:

Reasons for a Job Reclassification

Employees or departments may request a reclassification of a job when significant changes in the position’s responsibilities have occurred due to reorganization of work, staffing requirements, or technology, or when a position may have been inappropriately classified.

How the Reclassification Process Is Changing

Previously, some employees requesting a job reclassification had to fill out a JEQ or JRQ form. Under the new system, Civil Service and P&A employees will instead fill out two much simpler forms: a Classification Review Request form and a Position Description Template.

Here is what these new changes mean:

  •  Civil Service and P&A reclassification processes have been combined and streamlined.
  •  The JEQ and JRQ forms will no longer be used for Civil Service reclassification requests.
  •  The administrative procedure for moving a Civil Service or union-represented staff-appointed employee into a P&A appointment will no longer be used; it is being replaced by the new process described below.
  •  Both Civil Service and P&A reclassification requests will now be reviewed by the OHR Compensation and Classification team.
  •  Documents should now be submitted electronically to this new email address:

Who Can Use the New Job Reclassification Process

We will be rolling out the new reclassification procedure in stages, depending on the governing unit of each position and whether employees have completed the University-wide Job Family Study:
  • Civil Service and P&A employees who have gone through the Job Family Study more than six months ago can use the new process immediately.
  • Civil Service or P&A employees who haven’t yet gone through the Job Family Study should continue to use the JEQ/JRQ process. (If the Job Family Study is in progress, then the study will determine the appropriate classification.)

For Forms or More Information

To view the forms, or to learn more about the process for a particular employee, follow one of the links below: 

If you have further questions about job reclassification, please contact your unit’s HR lead.