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An Easier Process for Job Reclassification

Good news for Civil Service and P&A employees requesting a reclassification of their job: OHR has a new Position Description Template and a simple new Classification Review Request form that are replacing the old, more elaborate JEQ form. Civil Service and P&A employees will be able to use the new reclassification forms six months after their position has been through the University’s Job Family Study. Even better, employees can now fill out and submit the new forms electronically.

For more information about the new process, visit our Civil Service and P&A Reclassification Process & Policies web page. All other employees, including Civil Service or P&A workers who haven’t yet gone through the Job Family Study, can continue to use the JEQ/JRQ process

Manager's Toolkit

Job Classification & Compensation website provides managers and supervisors with information on:

  • Job Classification Studies
  • Pay Plans
  • Overtime Pay Exempt/Non-Exempt (FLSA)
  • Reclassification Process & Policies
  • Premium Pay
  • Labor Market Information