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The Graduate Assistant Employment office has answers to the questions you have about tuition benefits, job vacancy postings, semester provisional benefits, extended benefits, and policies.

If you have questions or need more information, call Graduate Assistant Employment Program at 612-624-7070. Or you may visit us in person at 545 West Bank Office Building, 1300 South 2nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Visit the Campus Maps for a map, hours, and parking information.

Graduate Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about the relationship between graduate assistants and the University?

All graduate assistants are both students and employees, and the University relationship is as both an employer and educator.

We recognize that graduate assistantships:

  • Meet critical teaching and research needs.
  • Provide financial assistance to graduate students while they pursue their degree.
  • Provide teaching and research experience for graduate students.

The University is committed to ensuring that graduate assistants have competitive benefits and wages and appropriate academic and financial support as they pursue advanced degrees.

Who are graduate assistants and what are the terms of their appointments?

  • Graduate assistants are students attending the University to pursue advanced degrees.
  • Graduate assistants are also employed by the University to teach and conduct research.
  • All graduate assistants currently have individual contracts, which are their appointment documents.
  • Graduate assistant terms and conditions of appointment are included in an individual’s appointment letter. In addition, many campuses, colleges, and departments have developed handbooks for Graduate Assistants.
  • Graduate assistants cannot be terminated during the term of their appointment, except for just cause.
  • Graduate assistants have a voice in student governance: Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is the graduate student governance organization; many departments include graduate students on committees; graduate students serve on every University-wide committee relating to graduate education, including the Graduate Education Council, the Enrollment Management Committee, and the Budget Model Advisory Group.
  • The University had 4,407 graduate assistants in 2014 according to the Office of Institutional Research.

What job titles and job codes apply to graduate assistants?

These job codes and titles apply to gradudate assistants:

  • 9510—graduate assistant coach
  • 9511—teaching assistant
  • 9515—graduate instructor
  • 9517—PhD candidate graduate instructor
  • 9518—advanced masters teaching assistant
  • 9519—PhD candidate teaching assistant
  • 9521—research assistant
  • 9526—graduate research project assistant
  • 9527—PhD candidate graduate research project assistant
  • 9528—advanced masters research assistant
  • 9529—PhD candidate research assistant
  • 9531—administrative fellow
  • 9533—PhD candidate administrative fellow
  • 9571—summer term teaching assistant (without tuition benefits)
  • 9572—summer term research assistant (without tuition benefits)
  • 9573—summer term administrative fellow
  • 9574—summer session teaching assistant


Hiring Information for Departments

Procedures for hiring graduate assistants can be found in the Manager's Toolkit.