University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Children through Age 25

Eligibility for Coverage

Under the Affordable Care Act, the University makes it possible for you to cover your children, unmarried or married, through age 25 (up to the 26th birthday) on the UPlan Medical and Dental Program, regardless of student status and even if the adult child no longer lives with you. See Dependent Eligibility Definition for detailed information.

End of Dependent Eligibility Status

When your child reaches age 26, dependent status is ended, and your child is no longer eligible to be continued on your coverage.

You have the option to continue coverage for your child under state and federal COBRA Continuation of Coverage provisions for up to 36 months by paying the full cost plus a 2% administrative fee. To request the COBRA instructions and application within 60 days of the date your child loses eligibility, call 612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363 to reach the Employee Benefits Service Center. It is recommended that you elect COBRA continuation coverage early to avoid a disruption in your child’s coverage.