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University Senate

Includes faculty, academic professionals, civil service staff, and student representatives from the UMC, UMD, UMM, UMR, and UMTC campuses.

The next University Senate meeting is April 30, 2015.

Click Here to view the April 30, 2015 University Senate agenda.

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2014-15 University Senate

Senate/Faculty Consultative Committee Chair

Professor Rebecca Ropers-Huilman
Organizational Leadership, Policy & Development
330C Wulling Hall
Del Code 3345A
Phone: (612) 626-5996

University/Faculty Senate Chair

President Eric Kaler

University/Faculty Senate Vice Chair

Associate Professor Eva von Dassow
Classical/Near Eastern Studies
245 Nicholson Hall
Del Code 3882A
Phone: (612) 626-4787
Fax: (612) 624-4894

University/Faculty Senate Clerk

Professor Becky Yust
Design, Housing & Apparel
240 McNeal Hall
Del Code 6136E
Phone: (612) 624-7461
Fax: (612) 624-2750

University/Faculty Senate Parliamentarian

Professor Christopher Roberts
Law School
285 Mondale Hall
Del Code 7911C
Phone: (612) 624-2947

University/Faculty Senate Staff Support

Becky Hippert
University Senate
427 Morrill Hall
Del Code 0264B
Phone: (612) 626-8743
Fax: (612) 626-1609

Gold Carrot Dividers Gold Carrot Dividers

University Senator Orientation

This link provides a collection of brief online modules that introduce University senators to the governance process.

Centennial Program

University Senate Centennial

During 2012-13, the University Senate celebrated a century of shared goernance at the Univeristy. Information from these meetings and a video history with Professor Emeritus Hy Berman are available.