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2014-15 University Senate

Senate/Faculty Consultative Committee Chair

Professor Rebecca Ropers-Huilman
Organizational Leadership, Policy & Development
330C Wulling Hall
Del Code 3345A
Phone: (612) 626-5996

University/Faculty Senate Chair

President Eric Kaler

University/Faculty Senate Vice Chair

Associate Professor Eva von Dassow
Classical/Near Eastern Studies
245 Nicholson Hall
Del Code 3882A
Phone: (612) 626-4787
Fax: (612) 624-4894

University/Faculty Senate Clerk

Professor Becky Yust
Design, Housing & Apparel
240 McNeal Hall
Del Code 6136E
Phone: (612) 624-7461
Fax: (612) 624-2750

University/Faculty Senate Parliamentarian

Professor Allan Erbsen
Law School
285 Mondale Hall
Del Code 7911C
Phone: (612) 626-6632

University/Faculty Senate Staff Support

Becky Hippert
University Senate
427 Morrill Hall
Del Code 0264B
Phone: (612) 626-8743
Fax: (612) 626-1609

Current Meeting Materials

University Senator Orientation

This link provides a collection of brief online modules that introduce University senators to the governance process.

Centennial Program

University Senate Centennial

During 2012-13, the University Senate celebrated a century of shared goernance at the Univeristy. Information from these meetings and a video history with Professor Emeritus Hy Berman are available.