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2014-15 Student Senate

The Student Senate is the University of Minnesota's internal governance body representing all students at the Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Rochester, and Twin Cities campuses. Each senator that serves on the Student Senate is charged with representing students within the University of Minnesota system as a whole. We work to ensure a student voice in University decisions of policy and process. We also serve as the system-wide student voice to University administrators. This site is designed to be a platform for student governance conversation and communication. It is a resource for the general student body to self-educate on the University governance system and an arena for student leaders to trade ideas and exchange commentary on current issues.

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Student Senate/Student Senate Consultative Committee Chair

Ms. Valkyrie Jensen

Student Senate/Student Senate Consultative Committee Vice Chair

Alex Stangel

Student Senate/Student Senate Consultative Committee Staff Support

Jeannine Rich
University Senate
427 Morrill Hall
Del Code 0264
Phone: (612) 301-1224
Fax: (612) 626-1609

Student Senate Minutes and Agendas


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