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P&A Senate

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Mission Statement - approved February 1, 2013

To advocate for the highest quality of work life for P&A employees in order to advance the University of Minnesota's mission of teaching, research, and service.

What is the P&A Senate?

The P&A Senate represents Academic Professionals and Administrators (P&A) at the University of Minnesota (U of MN) who now number about 5,500. P&A work in 148 job categories throughout the University system including teaching students, conducting research, directing programs, counseling people, managing budgets, running departments, and reaching out to citizens in all 87 Minnesota counties. In 1980, P&A comprised 6 percent of the employee population at the University and by 2011 P&A made up 29 percent.

Currently the P&A Senate works primarily in four areas: benefits and compensation , communications, outreach, and professional development and recognition. As P&A staff continue to grow at the University, so does the P&A Senate. Each year the organization becomes more involved in University governance, and will continue to support its mission of teaching, research, and service.