University Senate Bylaws, Article II., Section 5


The Library Committee represents faculty, academic professional, civil service, and student interest in the University libraries.


The Library Committee shall be composed of 12 faculty/academic professional members, 1 civil service staff member, 4 students, and ex officio representation as specified by vote of the Senate. Members shall be nominated by the Committee on Committees with the approval of the Senate. Academic professionals members must also be eligible to serve in the Senate. The civil service member shall be appointed by the Civil Service Committee and shall not be a library employee.

Duties and Responsibilities

a. To make recommendations to the Senate on all matters concerned with the policies and administration of University libraries.

b. To advise the directors and other heads of University libraries.

c. To evaluate University-wide library facilities, services, and collections.

d. To recommend to the Senate Consultative Committee such actions or policies as it deems appropriate.

(updated: 3/6/08)

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