University Senate Bylaws, Article II., Section 5



The Equity, Access & Diversity Committee shall be composed of at least 7 faculty members, 2 professional and academic staff members, 2 civil service staff members, 6 students, and ex officio representation as specified by vote of the Senate. Civil service members shall be appointed by the Civil Service Committee. Each coordinate campus shall have at least 1 student representative and, where appropriate, 1 faculty or academic professional representative. Members should reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the campus. Campuses are encouraged to maintain or develop campus committees on related issues. The committee may form standing or temporary subcommittees or task forces on specific issues as appropriate.

Duties and Responsibilities

a. To advise the president and administrative offices on the impact of University policies, programs and services on equal opportunity, affirmative action and diversity from a system perspective.

b. To promote compliance among the University community with equal opportunity, affirmative action and diversity laws and policies relating to students and staff.

c. To review policies, programs and services related to equal opportunity for and the diversity of students and employees, and recommend any changes.

d. To bring concerns to the Senate, as appropriate.

e. To recommend to the Senate Consultative Committee such actions or policies as it deems appropriate.

(Updated: 7/18/05)