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Lyris Access

If your unit already uses Lyris, talk to your college or unit's Lyris contact (often someone in a central communications or web group). If you're not sure who your contacts are, email us.

If your unit is new to the Lyris, general information about unit access is below.

All units of the mass email distribution system (MEDS), currently Lyris ListManager, and the two key contacts for each unit, must complete and return a unit agreement specifying the two key contacts as well as one unit agreement for each key contact. If key contacts change, a new unit agreement must be submitted along with a user agreement for the new key contact or contacts.

Each college or operating unit that will use MEDS must complete the unit agreement and designate primary and alternate Lyris contacts for their unit. These contacts work directly with the eCommunications group and authorize other users from their unit to access MEDS. For more information on the role of the unit contacts, see the eCommunications organizational model.

All Lyris users are granted access using their central University email address, <YourInternetID>@umn.edu. No departmental or organizational accounts may be given access to Lyris; any account granted access must be attached to an individual user.

Note: The eCommunications administration group does not grant access to the University of Minnesota Foundation's Donor Management System (DMS). See the DMS access policy and request form for more information.

Granting Access

Unit key contacts are responsible for granting list access to users within their unit; access for non-key contacts to individual lists is not maintained centrally. At no time will any user, other than key contacts, be granted access to any list by the eCommunications administration group. See the list administrator documentation for information on adding and copying list administrators.


Completed forms should be faxed to University Relations, Attn: eCommunications, at (612) 624-6369. Campus mail should be sent to: eCommunications, University Relations, 3 MorH, mail code 0265. The standard mail address is:

University Relations/eCommunications
3 Morrill Hall
100 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455