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Monthly Meeting Schedule and Speakers

UMRA’s members gather at 11:30 at the Campus Club, in Conference Room ABC, on the fourth floor of Coffman Union, on the 4th Tuesday of each month, for lunch, good fellowship, and an interesting speaker.

Meeting Reservations ARE Required

Reservation Deadline is always the Thursday before the meeting

Please phone or email your reservations and send your check payable to UMRA for $16 for each reservation to:

UMRA Reservations
c/o Judy Leahy Grimes
1937 Palace Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105-1728

Or, contact her before the deadline at 651-698-4387 or

Please honor the reservation deadline date; if cancellations are necessary, please let us know by noon the preceding Thursday.

November 18, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

John Adams will speak on "How Metropolitan Areas Work"

At our November 18 luncheon meeting Professor John S. Adams will speak on the topic “How Metropolitan Areas Work.” John Adams, now immediate past president of UMRA, is well qualified to address the subject of metropolitan areas. As professor of Geography, Environment, and Society in CLA and of Planning and Public Affairs in the Humphrey Institute, he has taught classes, done research, and directed master’s and doctoral students in urban studies.

John S AdamsAdams has written, edited, and co-authored articles, books, and reports on the American city; on regional economic development; on intra-urban migration; and on housing markets, urban transportation, and urban development in the United States and the former USSR. Among his courses and seminars were Human Geography, Urban Geography, American Cities—a two semester course focusing on population analysis, housing demand, land use, and transportation, and the metropolitan economy—and The Twin Cities of Minneapolis–St. Paul, and Russia and Environs. His publications are numerous and impressive in the area of spatial organization in cities and environs.

Professor Adams received his B.A. in economics and mathematics from the University of St. Thomas and his M.A. in economics at the University of Minnesota. He completed his Ph.D. in economic geography at Minnesota in 1966, going on to teach at Pennsylvania State University until he was invited back to Minnesota in 1970.

In administrative roles at the University, he was director of the University of Minnesota School of Public Affairs, 1976–1979, and then was the first director of the Humphrey School of Public affairs—the University’s graduate school of public policy, urban and regional planning, and public/nonprofit management. In the College of Liberal Arts, he directed the Urban Studies Program and served as acting director of the Master of Planning Program, 1971–79. After his retirement from the Department of Geography, he served as interim associate dean of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, 2007–08.

Adams has also served in several capacities outside of our University. He was visiting professor at Olsztyn University and Marie Curie–Sklodowska University in Poland, at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and as a Fulbright Professor of Geography at Moscow State University in the USSR. He served as economic geographer in residence at the Bank of America World Headquarters while as visiting research fellow at the Institute for Urban and Regional Development at the University of California, Berkeley, and he was Fulbright Professor at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Spatial Organization at the Economic University of Vienna in Austria.

Since his retirement John Adams has been active in supporting many activities of the University.

Most recently, he served as the president of UMRA, during which he made special efforts to improve our organizational connections with the regents, central administration, college deans, and faculty at the University of Minnesota. His work has truly been impressive, and he has given us great leadership in those efforts.

We now look forward to hearing him discuss “How Metropolitan Areas Work” on November 18.

— Hal Miller, UMRA President

Where to live? November workshop continues examining the choices as we age

The “living well in later life workshop” on November 18 continues to look at the question of where to live as we age. What factors should we take into account? How do we prepare for five, ten, fifteen, twenty years from now?

Becky YustThe Minneapolis–St. Paul metropolitan area is rich with housing options for an aging population. This workshop series began in October by describing and examining the factors in making a decision about moving and the various housing options available. More than 40 people attended.

Marilyn BruinIn this, the second of three workshops planned by the UMRA Cares Committee, Marilyn Bruin and Becky Yust, professors in the College of Design, will lead a panel discussion with UMRA members who have experienced making a move away from the “traditional” single family residence. The workshops follow the luncheon programs in Campus Club ABC and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Cares Committee invites volunteers to participate on this panel and to briefly describe their decision process and how they feel the new living arrangements are working out. Your experience will be very valuable to your fellow retirees.

Everyone who is contemplating a decision about where to live in retirement will find these workshop discussions helpful in examining the factors involved and finding their best individual paths.

Call for volunteer panelists to discuss... ‘How we chose where to live and why’

The Cares Committee and workshop leaders seek UMRA members who have moved from single family dwellings to a new living arrangement to participate in a panel discussion about their move. Please contact us if you have selected one of the following models and would like to tell us about it:

Independent living in an apartment or condo

Senior-only condo or apartment building Cooperative unit – including the senior cooperative at 1666 Coffman Special-needs, senior-only housing: assisted living

Retirement facility with “continuity of care” services

Specific care services—memory units, other services

Since there are many possible options, discussions of each setting will be brief.

To volunteer, please call the UMRA office (612-626-4403) or send an e-mail to with your name, housing, and phone number: Questions—call UMRA Cares committee co-chairs: Van Linck (651-490-385) or Earl Nolting (651-633-4333).

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Program Committee (2014-15)

Jean Kinsey (President-Elect & Chair),, 651-636-8636
John S. Adams (Immediate Past President),;; 612-925-1340
Harold Miller (President),;
Kathy O'Brien,, 612-722-8475
Richard H. Skaggs;;
Shirley Zimmerman,, 952-926-8644
Ron Anderson;;
Van Linck,, 651-490-1385
Earl Nolting,, 651-633-4333

The Program Committee is always looking for good speaker ideas. If you have any suggestions, please contact Jean Kinsey(


Skip Humphrey

Hubert (Skip) Humphrey III spoke from a long career as a consumer advocate, "Scams for Seniors to Avoid" at the September, 2014 luncheon

Mary Nichols

At the October meeting, Mary Nichols provided food for thought as she discussed the technologies that continue to be applied to education