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UMN Active Directory.
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Joining UMN Active Directory


Departments wishing to join the University of Minnesota Active Directory should fill out the Active Directory Application and send it to us at umnad@umn.edu.

Before your department can join Active Directory, you'll need to review, sign and submit the Active Directory Organizational Unit Administrator Agreement Form.

Roles, responsibilities, and administrator tools are laid out in this flowchart.


The University participates in a Microsoft Campus Agreement which grants access to all institutional computers and users throughout the subscription term. An additional External Connector grant is provided as part of the agreement. More details are found here.

Service Level

The University of Minnesota Active Directory Service Level document spells out the levels of service that the Active Directory service will provide. You can download that document for viewing here: Active Directory Service Expectation.


If you have questions for the Active Directory implementation team, send them along to umnad@umn.edu.

If you're already a member of Active Directory, you can join the Active Directory mailing list, umnad-l@lists.umn.edu, to share experiences and ask advice of other members of the Active Directory community. You can get help joining the list here: http://lists.umn.edu/.

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