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UMN Active Directory.
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How To Connect 10.5.x Macintosh Clients to UMNAD file shares

Connect to File Share

  1. Click on the Go menu and choose Connect to Server...
  2. In the Server Address field, type your unit's share path. This can be obtained from your local technical support staff. Be sure to declare the smb protocol (e.g. smb://sharepath.ad.umn.edu/sharepath$).
  3. When prompted, enter you Internet ID and password.
  4. The network share will appear as a network drive in any finder window.


  1. You may need your X.500 password resynced if your password works for e-mail but not for AD authentication. Please contact umnad@umn.edu to request a password resync.
  2. Verify that Kerberos port 88 UDP & TCP is open on your network.
  3. Delete any related login keychains in Keychain Access within Applications\Utilities.
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