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Departmental Storage:

Each University Academic Unit, or equivalent, will be allocated up to 10GB of storage per staff member in a departmental share according to their IPEDS number. Full control of the departmental share will be given to the OU Administrators (OUAs) as designated by the head of the Academic Unit. OUAs will then have the ability to organize and delegate rights to the contents of the share.

University Academic Units will have the opportunity of dividing their initial allocation of departmental space between UMNAD and Netfiles.

For more information on increasing storage capacity, contact umnad@umn.edu or netfiles@umn.edu.

File Level Backup and Archiving:

Archive Time Frame

Underlying Backup System

Backup Technology

Restore Type

Medium to Restore From

20-30* days

Volume Shadow Service (performed from Windows PC only)

Active Directory File Services


Windows Explorer

41 days

Fulls: previous 5 weeks,

Incrementals: most recent 2 weeks.

The oldest weekly backup is removed as each new weekly begins.

OIT-UDMS Backup Services

Commvault Galaxy Enterprise backup

UMNAD restore

UMDS provided

*Duration of VSS Service is based on the amount of space dedicated to retaining backups. Snapshots performed twice daily M-F.

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