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Periodic Review - Section Explanations

Group Policy Links

This report shows all Group Policy links that have been placed in OUs managed by your unit.

Red: Links that have been disabled. These links do nothing and can add confusion when troubleshooting.

Red: Links that use a Group Policy object that is owned by a user that no longer exists. The linked policy is probably not being maintained.

Yellow: Links that are Enforced. These links disrupt the default Group Policy processing order. This may be a desired behavior, but should be reviewed.

Inactive Computers

This report lists all computer objects that have not been modified in more than 85 days. Computer passwords are auto updated every 30 days and are valid for 60 days. Anything exceeding this value is most likely an object that does not have a computer associated with it. Generally, these objects should be deleted.

Service Accounts

This report lists every user object within an OU managed by your unit.

Red: Service accounts that do not have an active x500 in the Office field. Internal Audits requires that every service account have a person identified as the responsible party. The Office field has been determined to be the method for identifying the responsible party.

OU Admins

This report lists every individual delegated full administrative rights to OUs managed by your unit.

SMS Admins

This report lists every individual delegated full administrative rights to the Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr/SCCM) Collections, Packages, Advertisements, Task Sequences, and Reports managed by your unit.

Group Policy Objects

This report lists every Group Policy owned by a member of your OU Admins group.

Red: Group Policies that are not linked to any OU. These objects consume resources for no purpose. They should be deleted or linked to an OU.

Storage Utilization

This reports lists every UMNAD managed file share used by your unit and its utilization.

Red: Shares that have a utilization of greater than 90%. These shares need to be reviewed for data that is no longer needed or should be stored elsewhere.

Yellow: Shared that have a utilization of greater than 80%. These shares should be watched and proactive measure should be considered to limit their growth.

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