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Photo Upload - Upload The Photo Of Your Choice
& Save Time During Orientation!

We will notifiy you via your U of M email that your photo has been accepted or if you will need to resubmit.


Photo Requirements:

  1. At least 600 pixels by 600 pixels or 2” x 2” photo in JPEG format
  2. Use of a plain white, off-white or light gray background, free of patterns, objects, textures, etc. (No trees, grass, stairs, etc.)
  3. Image of face and shoulders facing forward. Do NOT zoom in on face. Leave space around the sides of your face and the top of your head
  4. Clear image in color without any added filters, effects or clipart.
    Use good lighting. No overexposed photos
  5. A clear, unobstructed, front view of the full head and shoulders. No hands can be touching the face or in the image. Eyes must be open
  6. A photo of the student alone in normal street attire with no hats, sunglasses, hand symbols or pets in photo (religious head coverings are acceptable)
  7. Recent (less than one year old)


Taking a photo with most smart phones/ devices works well!

Photo Upload Photo Example

*Tip* - If you are using a photo previously taken and you have to crop it down to look like the example above, please be aware cropped photos can become pixilated will not be accepted.

Photo Upload is down at the moment. Please come back later!





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