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ID Badges

The U Card Office offers photo ID badges for visual identification of employees and students when in secured areas.

Before contacting the U Card Office to place a request, please contact the Department of Central Security (DCS) to find out if your department is eligible for the Security ID Badge Program.

If your department is already participating in the Department of Central Security's Security ID Badge Program or you'd like more information about it, please visit Central Security's Website by clicking on this link Security ID Badge Program.

If your department is not eligible for the Security ID Badge Program, then contact the U Card Office and we can assist you with ID Badge design and production of non-Security ID Badges or Departmentally tracked ID Badges.

Please Note for Departmentally Tracked ID Badges:

  • Cards can only be ordered by University Departments
  • Cards must be picked up by the person who places the order
    (unless otherwise specified)
  • There is a charge for each ID badge, which can include a plastic badge holder

Place an Order for Departmentally Tracked ID Badges
If you need further clarification about ID Badges or you’d like to place an order, please email the U Card Office Operations Manager at:

How do I get my ID Badge?
If you are part of a department that has departmentally tracked ID badges or your department is part of the Security ID Badge Program, you may be eligible for an ID badge. Please check with your Human Resources Department or your school before visiting our office to obtain your ID badge. You can obtain your ID badge at the U Card Office in Coffman Union (NOT the satellite U Card offices), Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm. In some cases your department ID badge representative will deliver your ID badge to you.

  • In most cases you will have your photo taken for your ID badge.

  • Departmentally Tracked ID badges are $5
    Some departments cover the cost of the ID badge and the holder, others do not. Please check with your department before visiting our office to get your ID badge. Most schools do not cover the cost of the ID badge or the badge holder, so come prepared to pay for your ID badge with cash, check or Gopher GOLD™ Value.

  • The U Card Office offers a variety of badge holders between $1 and $3 to protect your ID badge and make it easy to wear. View them at the Card Holders Page

Picture of an ID Badge
ID Badge Example