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Gopher GOLD™ Value

Gopher GOLD Value is money (up to $1,000) you deposit into an online account that connects to your U Card or Summer Conference Card. Gopher GOLD Value is part of the Gopher GOLD Program run by the U Card Office.

You can use your U Card or Summer Conference Card as a quick, easy, cashless way to pay by swiping the magnetic stripe on the back of your card through the merchant's card reader.

Once value has been added to your Gopher GOLD account, you can use your U Card or Summer Conference Card to make purchases all over campus. Gopher GOLD accounts are available to all U Card cardholders as well as visitors to the University of Minnesota and does not require a TCF U Card checking account as they are separate card features. Gopher Gold Value is a declining balance so you can't have a negative balance.

Gopher GOLD Value is not cash refundable and does not transfer between University of Minnesota coordinate campuses.

Before adding money to your U Card's or Gopher GOLD Card's Gopher GOLD account please download and read a PDF version of the Terms and Conditions or stop by or email the U Card Office and request a paper copy.

Where can I use Gopher GOLD™ Value?
Use anywhere you see the Gopher GOLD icon.
Link to the "Merchant Locations" Page

How do I add money to a Gopher GOLD™ account?
Link to the "Make a Deposit" Page

How can I check my Gopher GOLD™ Account balance?
Link to the "Check My Balance" Page

Account Error Resolution Information
In case of questions or errors in your Gopher GOLD™ Account you must contact the U Card Office to begin the error resolution process within 60 calendar days after you were provided the first statement or receipt on which the problem or error appeared. In addition to notifying the U Card Office, you will need to complete the Error Resolution Form. Download a PDF version of the Gopher GOLD™ Error Resolution Form or email the U Card Office and request a paper copy.

Information for Parents on How to Access the Account Information
Link to "Parent Guest Access" Page

Questions about your Gopher GOLD Value or your Gopher GOLD Account?
Email us at

The back of the U Card with the Gopher GOLD icon circled.