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Woman doctor sitting and talking to a mother and child. Two dental students looking at a patient's teeth. Doctor looking at a child patient's chin. Doctor standing in an operating room.

Academic Health Center

The health professions take center stage at the University of Minnesota’s Academic Health Center (AHC), where students learn from some of the world’s top health scientists and practitioners. The AHC comprises most health-related units at the University, including the School of Dentistry, Medical School, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, and College of Veterinary Medicine.

AHC researchers are known for many firsts, from open-heart surgery and cardiovascular devices to stem cell therapy, the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and pioneering AIDS drugs. Patients at the University’s clinics receive care from some of the best practitioners in their specialties.

Hospitals and Clinics

Health, Wellness, and Spirituality


Health Services and Resources

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