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People submission guidelines

Criteria for internal media—inclusion in the People section of Brief
and other University publications and news sources strive to recognize individuals for outstanding achievement. The People section of Brief is for those awards, appointments, and other announcements heavily focused on an individual, and suitable for an audience primarily consisting of faculty and staff. 

The following guidelines have been developed to assist you in determining whether, how, and in what ways to publicize an award. 

If you have received an award, see the Awards Contact List and make certain the appropriate individual has been alerted. See the awards calendar and submission timeline for submission deadlines and award presentation dates.

Please see U Awards for specific awards that Brief/People will feature. Exceptions may include some student and alumni awards (Brief readership is primarily current faculty and staff); however, the People section will include students who are Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman Scholars. Brief/People particularly highlights faculty, P&A employees, Civil Service employees, and Bargaining Unit employees for outstanding contributions. These are guidelines only, and we encourage you to submit awards that may not be listed here for potential publication, subject to the editor's discretion. In general, the awards featured are of major significance. See recent award recipients for more information.

In general, appointments to be featured include those individuals who are on the payroll—faculty and staff. People featured usually include faculty, dean designation or above, executive administration, or an appointment that touches all colleges/departments in its function—for example, a director of equity and diversity. 

External media protocol
There are certain awards that merit a University news release. Upon receipt of such award notices, the college, school and/or institute communications director will work with the University News Service to draft and distribute a news release via News Service channels.

awards that merit a news release:

International awards:
    * Guggenheim Fellowship
    * Nobel Prize
    * Wolf Prize

National awards:
    * American Academy of Arts and Sciences
    * Foreign Academies
    * Institute of Medicine
    * Lasker Award
    * MacArthur Foundation Fellowship
    * Major Disciplinary Awards from Scholarly Societies
    * National Academy of Engineering
    * National Academy of Sciences
    * National Book Award
    * National Medal of Science
    * Pulitzer Prize

University awards:
    * Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Education (Distinguished Teaching Awards)
    * McKnight Professorships
    * Regents Professorship

Some of these awards are detailed at University of Minnesota Scholars Walk.