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Criteria for selecting a homepage story

Criteria for selecting a homepage view story

This story shows how the University does at least one of the following:
1. Prepares students to make a better world.
2. Solves life-challenging problems.
3. Promotes healthy lives.
4. Meets the challenges facing our planet.
5. Builds the economy.
6. Transforms areas of culture, art and society.
7. Builds relationships with communities.
(This includes the pride and goodwill fostered by all sorts of events and outreach activities.)
8. Makes key discoveries that extend human knowledge.

Fac/staff view considerations

  1. The news is “need-to-know” administrative news.
  2. The news helps to make the University more accessible to, and create connections (build relationships) among faculty and staff.
  3. The news promotes healthy lives for faculty and staff.
  4. The news includes components of the U’s mission of outreach, research, teaching and education.
  5. The feature story has a connective component…a relatable moment or emotional effect that might produce a lasting memory.
  6. As much as possible, features should have a U-wide scope, but features that highlight a specific campus, college, or unit may be okay, especially if they rise to U-wide interest or scope (LEED Gold award for STSS, for example). Lesser-known work may sometimes be featured to demonstrate breadth and depth, while keeping true to concentrating more heavily on areas of strength.

How to submit your story
Attend the monthly internal story sharing meetings

Send it via email to

This will ensure your story is received by the following persons: Patty Mattern, Matt Hodson, Laura Johnson, Adam Overland, Bill Magdalene, Rick Moore, Deane Morrison, and others.

Homepage managing editors:

Adam Overland: Faculty view; Staff view

Bill Magdalene: Current Students view; Future Students view

Deane Morrison: Parents view

Rick Moore: Donors & Alumni view; Sports Fans view