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President's Emerging Leaders program 2011–12

President's Emerging Leaders program honors graduates and welcomes new leaders

By Chris Schanus

July 26, 2011

The President’s Emerging Leaders (PEL) program recently bid farewell to its 2010–11 cohort and welcomed a new group of developing University leaders into the program.

On June 22, the 25 members of the outgoing 2010–11 PEL cohort were honored during a ceremony at Mayo Auditorium. During the past year, those PEL participants were divided into five teams, each charged with devising a plan to address an important issue facing the University. Each team spent the year working on the issue to which it was assigned while also attending large-group leadership sessions and being mentored individually by a University leader.

At the graduation ceremony, each PEL team presented its proposed solution to their chosen issue. Each team must also prepare a detailed report presenting its solution. Posters from the 2010–11 cohort are available on the PEL website. PEL reports will be available to view later this year.

2010-11 Projects
Developing a Roadmap for the Implementation of Disruptive Innovation
Sponsors: Andrew Hill, Office of Information Technology; Eric Schnell, Office of Equity and Diversity
Team members: Faith Goenner, Apeckchya Karki, Andrew Merrill, Larry Storey, Melissa Sullivan

Graduate School Communications
Sponsors: Henning Schroeder, vice provost of Graduate Education and Dean; Belinda Cheung, associate to the Vice Provost and Dean
Team members: Erik Dussault, Eric Eklund, Jennifer Germain, Christina Petersen, Lisa Rogers

Sophomore Year Experience and Retention Initiative
Sponsor: LeeAnn Melin, Student Support Initiatives, Undergraduate Education
Team members: Jeremy Casper, Aron Khoury, Kristy Lashbaugh, Alyssa Ruesch

Strategic Planning Toolkit for U of M Units
Sponsors: Peter Radcliffe, executive director, Planning and Analysis; Christine Frazier, assistant director, Planning and Analysis
Team members: Meredith Fisher, Amber Peifer, Paige Rohman, Chuck Semrow, Brian Vetter

Undergraduate Bullying Prevention Initiative
Sponsor: Coalition for a Respectful U
Team members: Susan Andre, Chad Ellsworth, Emily Saunoi-Sandgren, Jamie Spanks, Stephanie Xenos

Many members of the incoming 2011–12 PEL cohort were present at the ceremony to get a taste of the year to come. The newest PEL group, which was selected in May, consists of 25 members who will be divided into five teams. For more information, see biographies of the 2011–12 PEL cohort members.

Now in its 10th year, the PEL program provides leadership development opportunities for high potential academic professional and administrative (P&A), civil service, and bargaining unit staff. The program features educational and experiential components and promotes skill development to enhance leadership effectiveness.

Members of the 2011–12 PEL cohort:

David Anderson, Office of Information Technology
Matt Aro, UMD Natural Resources Research Institute
Vikki Auzenne, Academic Support Resources
Jayne Blodgett, Briggs Library
Alison Blomster, U Card Office
Maria Brown, Graduate Business, Management and Public Health, UMR
Brenda Carriere, Herman Library
Rod DeVriendt, College of Veterinary Medicine
Amber Evans, Admissions Office, UMC
Sara Foster, College of Education and Human Development
Robert Fox, Department of Sociology
Ellen Freeman, College of Education and Human Development
Susan Geller, School of Social Work
Cory Goracke-Postle, Office of the Vice President for Research
Mary Jetter, Center for Teaching and Learning
Daniel Jones-White, Office of Institutional Research
Maureen Long, Technological Leadership Institute
Anne Mason, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Michael McDaniel, Lab Medicine and Pathology-ALRT
Jean McElvain, Goldstein Museum of Design
Chris Nelson, Technological Leadership Institute
Heather Nelson, Schulze Diabetes Institute
Rebecca Noran, Extension Center for Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
Michelle Overtoom, One Stop Student Services
Terry Straub, Extension