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President's Emerging Leaders Program graduates honored

PEL leaders honored

By Chris Schanus


June 23, 2009

The University of Minnesota honored its leaders of tomorrow on June 17 with a "graduation" ceremony at McNamara Alumni Center for the 2008-09 cohort of the President's Emerging Leaders (PEL) Program. PEL Program coordinator Dave Dorman lauded the members of this year's PEL cohort for modeling the University's commitment to world-class excellence.
"During these budget challenges, we may be tempted to lick our wounds and be uninspired, but I think we need our ambitious aspirations more than ever," Dorman says. "These 24 incredibly talented people are chomping at the bit to do their part to help the University be world-class."

Dorman went on to point out that the PEL cohort of 2008-09 is already doing incredible things at the University: developing a world-class New Employee Orientation program, building a Web presence for the College of Education and Human Development, and leading the effort to build community partnerships, among many other contributions. He challenged the University community to utilize PEL alumni to help lead the University into the future by considering them for job openings and committee memberships, and as mentors.

About PEL
The President's Emerging Leaders Program provides a structured, flexible leadership development opportunity for high potential P&A, civil service, and bargaining unit staff. The yearlong program, codelivered with the Office of the Vice President of Human Resources, features educational and experiential components, fosters a broad perspective of the University as an enterprise, and promotes skill development to enhance leadership effectiveness.

The primary goals of the President's Emerging Leaders program are to (1) identify, prepare, and support new leadership within the University of Minnesota; (2) create a larger pool of candidates to fill open positions or leadership assignments; and (3) create an organizational expectation whereby all administrators assume responsibility for identifying and nurturing potential leaders. For more information, see the PEL program.