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UPerks Organizes U Opportunities

A new Web site makes finding benefits a little easier

By Kelly Stolpa


June 23, 2009

University of Minnesota faculty and staff members have access to countless entertainment, education, and discount opportunities on and off campus. Now, a new Web site designed to help employees discover all the perks available to them makes finding these benefits a little easier.

The new site, UPerks, acts as a database that staff and faculty members can reference when they are interested in finding available services or simply looking for something new and exciting to do on campus. Each month, a new event or program will be featured on the UPerks home page, showcasing one of the many fantastic opportunities available. The inaugural feature highlights the Minnesota Centennial Showboat’s presentation of Is There a Doctor in the House?, a production put on by the U of M Showboat Players and running through August.

Stacy Doepner-Hove, New Employee Orientation program manager for the U, believes UPerks will enable employees to connect with campus opportunities. "Large corporations," she says, "are said to have beautiful campuses that house their headquarters. That may be true, but we have daily access to an actual living, breathing campus. I’m guessing those corporations don’t have a dance department or an accredited master's degree that employees can take part in."

The Web site is divided into four sections: Arts & Culture, Wellness, U Programs, and Discounts. Each section features links and a brief description of the opportunities available to staff and faculty. Once a visitor finds what she is looking for, she can easily follow the links to find even more information.

In the Arts & Culture section, for example, employees can find a list of museums, art galleries, and cultural performance venues on Twin Cities campus, including the Weisman Art Gallery, Rarig Center, and the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance. The Wellness section features programs available to employees to keep them healthy in mind and body. U Programs showcases continuing education opportunities and on-campus programs supporting diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace. Finally, the Discounts section provides information about various savings available through the student unions and a link to the full list of MERSC discounts.

Whether it's the opportunity to further your education, receive ticket discounts for a theater performance, or save some money on your gym membership, UPerks will help you navigate the personal and professional benefits at the U.