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10 Tips to Spring Clean Your Life

From Feng Shui to flowers

Reprinted from Wellness Works.

Spring has sprung.
Spring has sprung!

April 21, 2009.

1. New to you! Consignment shopping is not only a hot trend, but makes good fiscal sense. Check out city search for a listing of local must-haves.

2. Plant a tree in honor of Arbor Day, April 24, 2009. Find tips to celebrate with your family, school or community at Arbor Day.

3. Re-evaluate your diet. Go beyond fat and calories on the label. Processed foods have become a big part of the American diet—with sodium being a hidden culprit. Learn about sodium and how to decrease intake at American diet.

4. Small items really do add up. Calculate your personal expenses and commit to a budget. Use this pen and paper PDF to re-think your financial approach.

5. Revise your health and fitness goals every three months. When was the last time you thought about your New Year’s resolutions?

6. Contribute to the health of your neighborhood. Convince a few people—or the whole block—to share some garden space for vegetables and herbs. The Wedge, Seward Community Co-op, and Urban Earth are just a few co-ops in the metro area.

7. Clear out the book case, magazine and newspaper racks—and put them to good use. Create an office book swap or go on-line Sell back the books at, or consider donating books, magazines or newspapers to local charities, boys & girls clubs or assisted living facilities.

8. Rearranging your office or work-space can positively change your perspective. Move your computer, bring in a live plant, or hang some pictures or favorite quotes. Feng Shui your day!

9. Strengthen or renew your commitment to friends and family. Write a letter, make a phone call—get together to talk face-to-face.

10. Feel good about yourself. Do something nice for someone else each day. Open a door, drop a thank you note, return a smile, or let someone go ahead of you in line.