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Twin Cities graduates second cohort of Transformational Leaders

TLP graduates its second cohort from the Twin Cities campus


November 10, 2009

On Oct. 14, the Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) graduated its second cohort from the Twin Cities campus. The 12 participants were involved in a variety of strategically aligned projects over the past several months. All participants were recognized for their work at the graduation ceremony, and each had the opportunity to display the results of their project to date.

"Transforming strategy into reality is an ongoing challenge for all leadership groups," says Matt Larson, senior consultant with the Office of Service and Continuous Improvement (OSCI) and codeveloper, with 3M, of the TLP. In addition to teaching the leadership excellence methodology of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control), the program emphasizes strategy-focused knowledge and skills development; change management; team leadership; process excellence; and results orientation.

TLP teaches participants how to examine the pieces of the U and determine whether they are being successfully accomplished, fix any gaps in performance, and maintain improvements. "We all come to work each day and put forth efforts that have value to others. This program gives the University tools to measure our effectiveness and do something if there is a problem or gap. Preparing the University for future success through this program is an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact," says Larson.

Scott Martens, OSCI director, adds that the greatest benefit associated with TLP is "the improvement of the people who will ultimately transform the U."

University of Minnesota leadership development programs are a key component of the "Transforming the U" vision. In addition to developing exceptional faculty and staff, the programs support the mission of creating an exceptional organization and exceptional innovation.

For more information about TLP, see the Office of Service and Continuous Improvement.

Cohort and projects

Participant Organization Project Sponsor
Sue Bartolutti Law School Law School Staff Satisfaction Nora Klaphake
Nick Deffley Capital Planning & Project Management Increase Sustainability in University Building Projects Robert Preston
Becky Hall Office for Student Affairs Improving Transfer Student Experience Jerry Rinehart & Bob McMaster
Jill Hauwiller Carlson School of Management Alignment of Carlson Graduate Business Career Center Coaching Mission to Services Kathryn Carlson
Nacole Kaai Capital Planning & Project Management Lean and 5S Integration Strategies Robert Preston
Elizabeth LaFond Veterinary Medical Center CCC-Service Communication Improvement Project David Lee
Joseph Maple Veterinary Medicine Academic Affairs Process for Improved Efficiency in Grade Submission Laura Molgaard
Michelle McGeehan Office of Information Technology Service Gateway 4.0 Alyssa Peterson
Todd Mehrkens Extension Center for Youth Development Youth Work Institute Participant Data Management System Deborah Moore
Adam Prybelski Capital Planning & Project Management PMIS/CPPM Business Process Review Development Robert Preston
Dawn Sillars Boynton Health Service Improving the Process of Student Health Insurance Verification Ed Ehlinger
Yan Zhang Information Management Systems Improving the Process for Generating Enrolled Student Demographic and Tuition Data In the Data Warehouse Joe Sullivan