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UMD Transformational Leadership Program graduates third cohort

Ten University staff and faculty members recently graduated from TLP

By Stephanie Vine

3rd TLP cohort
Front row, left to right: Sherry Boyce, Mary Hennessy, Stephanie Vine (trainer), Matt Larson (trainer), Trish O'Keefe
Second row: Kay Westergren, Jennifer Imsande, Paula Pedersen, Victor De Meireles
Back row: Vicki Sheehan, Christina Geissler, Alisa Salewski (trainer)
Not pictured: Kim Roufs and Barbara Radke

April 29, 2009

Strong leadership, data-based decision making, and an engaged, capable workforce must be at the core for all organizations in today's economically-challenged environment.  Such were the key themes of the message delivered by Brian Lassiter, President of the Minnesota Council for Quality, at the April 13 TLP graduation ceremony and reception. "Regardless of the industry one is in, success and, ultimately, survival are rooted in these fundamental values," said Lassiter. "The TLP program at UMD provides the framework for allowing the University to achieve these objectives and its goal of being a premier higher education institution," he said.

As part of the ceremony, the TLP participants, through individual project poster board presentations, displayed how UMD is using the TLP DMAIC methodology (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) to turn these objectives into reality. The projects stemming from this year’s cohort are strategically aligned to multiple University goals, such as sustainability, staff development, diversity, and student support services. The 2009 cohort graduated ten University staff and faculty members.

In addition to the project displays presented by the graduates, five TLP alumni presented their “project success stories” to those in attendance.  These successes include, but are not limited to, “Connect,” a new and improved advisor/advisee e-mail communication system; “RT,” a software package that significantly improves IT project management issues and communications, and enhancements to the newly-created Kirby Leadership Institute, a student leadership certificate program.

Matt Larson, senior consultant with the Office of Service and Continuous Improvement (OSCI) and co-developer of the TLP program with 3M, told the audience that “TLP is all about results…results that improve the lives of students, faculty, or staff and support the University’s mission of becoming a top three research institution.” Larson, Alisa Salewski, OSCI Improvement Specialist, and Stephanie Vine, UMD TLP Coordinator, all served as both trainers and coaches for this year’s cohort.  

Dr. Randy Hyman, Vice Chancellor of Academic Support and Student Life and executive sponsor of the UMD TLP program, echoed these comments by stating that “TLP not only offers us the tools and techniques to make improvements, but it also provides us with the framework to sustain the gains and keep pursuing ongoing performance excellence in all areas.”

According to Lassiter, “being able to best serve the requirements of students as defined by students is the key to success in an ever-more competitive higher education market. UMD is definitely on the right track.”

For more information about the TLP program, please contact the Office of Service and Continuous Improvement at 612-626-3727 or at OSCI TLP.

UMD TLP Cohort 3 Graduates

Sherry Boyce, U of M Extension Services – Cloquet

Christina Geissler, UMD Kirby Student Center

Mary Hennessy, UMD Facilities Management

Jennifer Imsande, UMD Masters of Advocacy and Political Leadership Program

Trisha O’Keefe, UMD International Student Services

Paula Pedersen, UMD Psychology

Barbara Radke, U of M Extension Services – Cloquet

Kathleen Roufs, UMD Advisement Coordination Center

Victoria Sheehan, UMTC Office of Information Technology

Kay Westergren, UMD Library