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June 18-20, 2009

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Local Organizer: DOUGLAS ALLCHIN <allch001@umn.edu>

Weisman Art Museum The University of Minnesota is home to the  Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science and the UofM Center for Bioethics (co-sponsors), as well as a major program in the History of Science, Technology & Medicine and a large Science Education program.

Minneapolis is a vibrant city with great food and night life and a heritage of innovation, from 3M to Medtronic (and shopping at the Mall of America!). The Bell Museum of Natural History is on campus; the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Bakken Museum (for electricity in life) are nearby. Theater, orchestra, dance, baseball and jazz clubs are accessible by a short bus or taxi ride. See more on places of interest.


  • Minneapolis is hub for Northwest/Delta/KLM Airlines, with frequent flights across the northern U.S. and to Europe, especially Amsterdam, and Asia. From the airport take a taxi, shuttle or public transport . See details.
  • Consider an extra day or two? We hope to have a few "field trips" with local guides on Wednesday (late afternoon) and Sunday.


  • Find a place to stay that meets your budget: shared dorm room ($35/night), or private ($46/night), budget hotel ($96), and a luxury hotel. See details.
  • The central campus has a food court in the student union, as well as a complement of nearby college-fare restaurants (coffeeshops, pizza, cheap Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Applebee's). Really fine dining is a short bus or cab ride away. See more info.


  • . . . include an opening night picnic on the banks of the Mississippi River (at right) and an evening reception.
  • For evening "meetings," there are a handful of local bars. The HPS folk here hang out after colloquia at the eclectic "Kitty Kat Club".
  • The Conference overlaps with a workshop for science teachers assembling HPS-oriented case studies. There are 2 joint sessions planned.