Concept/Content image scoring / cartoon based on sharing of social information among primates
Information caption Social information allows image scoring, or evaluating of other organisms' behavior patterns. Reputation can matter. Cooperation can be guided by status, or reputation, rather than instances of direct reciprocity. Indirect reciprocity can evolve in a group with image scoring (Nowak and Sigmund 1998, 2005) and this is one way to solve the problem of the tragedy of the commons (Milinski et al 2002).
Inquiry caption Given the possibility of image scoring, do you think gossip has an important social function? Do you think social reputation matters to moral behavior?
Cooperation guided by image scoring (status or reputation), rather than instances of direct reciprocity, is known as indirect reciprocity (Nowak and Sigmund 1998, 2005)
Source This cartoon may be found in The Far Side Gallery, by Gary Larson, p.91. However. Mr. Larson is very fussy about his cartoons (his "children," he calls them) venturing beyond his realm of strict control (essentially asking us not to share them).
Artist Gary Larson.
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