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Concept/Content non-human expressions of sympathy & prosocial behavior / capuchin monkey in choice study
Information caption Capuchin monkey has two options: one selfish, one that also provides reward to nearby monkey. The monkeys choose the prosocial option when the other monkey is visible, is familiar, and does not receive a greater reward. (de Waal, Leimgruber & Greenberg, 2008)
Inquiry caption In 2008 Frans de Waal performed a study on capuchin monkeys, involving food rewards (rather than painful stimuli, as in Masserman's related 1963 study). As pictured here, the capuchins were presented with two options: one selfish and one that provides food to themselves and also to a nearby monkey. What option do you think they chose? —Under what circumstances?
The monkeys chose the prosocial option when the other monkey was visible and familiar, and so long as the other monkey did not receive a larger portion of food (de Waal, Leimgruber & Greenberg, 2008).
Target Concept: Non-human organisms exhibit sympathetic concern for both kin and non-related individuals.;
Source Yerkes Primate Research Center "Living Links"
Credit Courtesy of Frans de Waal
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