Minnesota Sesquicentennial Activities.

Commemorating Discovery: Our Past and Our Future

April Panel Discussions

Listen to the presentations—Audio recordings of the presentations will be posted on this Web site as soon as they become available.

April 3—The Arts and the Built Environment; Changes in Suburban Life

Focus: Changing forms and uses in housing, suburban culture as seen through media and popular culture; and the evolution of a new mode of living: that of the suburbanite.

University Host: E. Thomas Sullivan, senior vice president and provost

Moderator: Tom Fisher, dean, College of Design

Presenters: John Archer, chair, Cultural Studies, College of Liberal Arts; Kate Solomonson, associate dean, College of Design; and Becky Yust, head, Design, Housing, and Apparel

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April 10—Agriculture and Forestry in the Natural World

Focus: Throughout its 150 year history, the University of Minnesota has helped the people of Minnesota to capitalize on, manage, and protect the state's natural resources. However, "best practices" have changed dramatically over that span of time and will need to change still further for Minnesotans to sustain their economy, food supply, and quality of life. Hear what five eminent scholars think about our relationship with the natural world - past, present, and future.

University Host: Robert Jones, senior vice president for system academic administration

Moderator: Allen S. Levine, dean, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

Presenters: Bev Durgan, dean, University of Minnesota Extension, and director, Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station; Nancy Ehlke, professor and head, Agronomy and Plant Genetics; Alan Ek, professor and head, Forest Resources; Scott Lanyon, director, Bell Museum of Natural History, and professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior; James Linn, professor and head, Animal Science

April 17—Changing Demographics: Snapshots of a New Minnesota and a New America

Focus: Minnesota's changing populations are affecting our educational systems, our economy, and our social and cultural institutions in significant ways. Join four faculty members in a discussion about challenges and disparities, as well as benefits and opportunities, presented by Minnesota's increasingly diverse population.

University Hosts: Robert Bruininks, president, and Susan A. Hagstrum, University associate

Moderator: Nancy "Rusty" Barceló, vice president and vice provost for equity and diversity

Presenters: Rose M. Brewer, professor, African American and African Studies; Erika Lee, associate professor, History; Louis G. Mendoza, associate professor, Chicano Studies; Linda LeGarde Grover, assistant professor of American Indian Studies, Duluth

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April 24—A Changing World: Past and Present Threats to the Public’s Health

Focus: Issues that arise in the event of a pandemic as well as the link between animal and human health, and a discussion of ethical issues that could emerge in the wake of a pandemic.

University Host: Frank B. Cerra, senior vice president for health sciences and McKnight Presidential Leadership chair

Moderator: Jon. S. Hallberg, assistant professor, Family Medicine Practice and Community Health

Presenters: William D Hueston, professor, Clinical and Population Sciences, adjunct professor, Epidemiology; Jeffrey P. Kahn, Maas Family Endowed Chair in Bioethics, director and
professor, Center for Bioethics; and Michael T. Osterholm, professor, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, and director, Center for Infectious Diseases, Research, and Policy

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