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Faculty/Staff Contract Parking

This option is available to University faculty and staff who work a minimum of 75% time. (Contract parking for University of Minnesota Medical Center-Fairview staff is handled through the hospital parking department. Call 612-273-6674 for further information.)

Contract Features



Lots – $67.75 per month; Ramps – $100.75 per month; Garages – $131.75 per month.

NOTE: The monthly parking rate is calculated from the annual rate divided over 12 months. The bi-weekly rate is the annual rate divided by the amount of pay periods in the parking year (October 1 thru September 30). See Payroll Deduction Schedule


How To Get a Staff/Faculty Parking Contract

  1. Decide where you want to park.
    • Use the free campus shuttles to transport you from your parking location to your campus destination.
    • Tip: To help you determine your selection, review the Facility Waiting List Summary.
      • The Summary can be sorted by name, location, monthly rate or waiting list size.
  2. Sign up on the parking contract waiting list.
    • U of M employees are able to be on ONE waiting list at a time.
    • In a few locations, parking contracts are immediately available. Most locations, however, have a waiting period.
    • Individuals are able to have a parking contract AND be on one waiting list at the same time.
    • Parking contract openings are filled from the waiting list in the order they were received.
  1. Add or delete your name from a facility list or change your parking selection at any time by logging back into the waiting list.

  2. If "Buy Now" is showing, then go to Your Waiting List and click the Review Facility List button. You should find a Buy Now button on the left.

Your Parking Contract Waiting List

Parking Contract Waiting List Method


Optional Features

Special Reciprocal Parking – In certain instances, permits may be issued at locations not included in the regular reciprocal parking program. Special reciprocal permits are issued for teaching or research purposes. Please e-mail a request including the reason for the permit, days and times you need it, name of the building where you will be teaching, and your current contract information to Requests must be renewed annually.

Reserved Parking Stall – (numbered stalls in some locations, Monday - Friday, 6 am - 6 pm). This optional program is being phased out in University parking facilities through attrition.


Leave of AbsenceIf a contract holder will be on an official leave of absence
for six months or more, they may suspend their contract for the duration of their leave. Upon return, if space is available, the contract will be reinstated. If the facility is full upon their return, they will be placed at the top of the waiting list for the facility in which they held a contract. For any leaves of less than six months, the contract holder remains responsible for the parking contract and must arrange a payment method with Parking and Transportation Services for the duration of the leave.


Annual Parking Contract Newsletter

Staff/Faculty Annual Parking Contract Newsletter 2015-16




Tip: To help you determine your selection on the waiting list, review the Facility Waiting List Summary. The Summary can be sorted by name, location, monthly rate or waiting list size.


Tip: Contract parkers should be able to park in their assigned facility even during events (football games are the exception). If there is a space miscalculation, PTS staff should be available to re-direct contract parkers to another location without any charge.

tip all staff contracts must be cancelled to stop payroll deduction



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