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Contract Cancellation

Most parking contracts can be cancelled at any time by walking into the PTS office. Contracts are considered cancelled when:

  1. The keycard/hangtag is received in our office. OR
  2. A staff/faculty keycard holder notifies us via e-mail with a 10-day advance notice.

Refunds on accounts with a credit balance will not be processed until the hangtag or keycard is received in our office. Payroll deducted contracts will be refunded via the university payroll system.

NOTE: The monthly parking rate is calculated from the annual rate divided over 12 months. The bi-weekly rate is the annual rate divided by the amount of pay periods in the parking year (October 1 thru September 30).


Ways to Cancel


Staff and Faculty

Vendor/Official Vehicle/Loading Zone Contract Holders



Don't forget!

When you leave the University — whether it's retirement, layoff or resignation — your parking does NOT automatically stop. You will be billed until you cancel with our office.