Office of the President

Eric W. Kaler

St. Paul Campus Crawl

President Kaler's tour of the St. Paul campus (Monday, September 19) will cover everything from bee research to continuing education. Here are the stops along the tour:

  1. Bee Lab with College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) professor and 2011 MacArthur Foundation "Genius Grant" winner Marla Spivak, highlighting the only bee research, outreach, and teaching program in the Upper Midwest.
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  2. Turfgrass Research, Outreach and Education (TROE) Center. TROE is a living laboratory on the St. Paul campus where researchers discover how to grow better grasses in our harsh climate, manage water use, and reduce the runoff of pesticides and herbicides. This applied research is shared through Extension education. The president will have an opportunity to test the turf by putting on the greens.
    Extension: Website icon-facebookicon-twittericon-youtube
  3. The Cargill Building—Microbial and Plant Genomics, where College of Biological Sciences faculty will showcase their latest work:
    • Biodiversity to Biofuels - Clarence Lehman, CBS associate dean for research, representing David Tilman, Regents Professor of Ecology.
    • Renewable Petroleum - Lawrence Wackett, Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Biochemistry, BioTechnology Institute
    • Microbial Creatures from the Soudan Mine - Jeff Gralnick, associate professor of microbiology, BioTechnology Institute
    • Advances in Microbial Engineering- Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, professor of biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics, BioTechnology Institute; CBS undergraduate students
    • GMOs 2.0: The Next Generation - Daniel Voytas, professor of genetics, cell biology and development
    • Using Mutations to Thwart HIV and Other Pathogens - Reuben Harris, professor of biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics. (Represented by graduate students Eric Refsland and Judd Hultquist)
    • Epigenetics for New and Improved Corn - Nathan Springer, associate professor of plant biology
    • Ultra-Fast Genomic Sequencing - Kenny Beckman, director, Biomedical Genomics Center
    College of Biological Sciences: Website icon-twitter
  4. The College of Continuing Education. Students will share their stories and continuing education leaders—Dean Mary Nichols, Associate Dean Bob Stine, Lori Graven, and Margy Ligon—will discuss program opportunities.
    College of Continuing Education: Website icon-facebook
  5. The Veterinary Medical Center. Leaders and students will show an exam room, emergency services, the Small Animal Hospital, and the treatment room, where Drs. Elizabeth Pluhar and John Ohlfest will discuss their treatment plan for dogs with glioma, a form of brain cancer.

    The National Center for Food Protection and Defense. Shaun Kennedy, director, and Amy Kircher, associate director, will describe the work of the center.

    Veterinary Medicine: Website

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Eric Kaler is the 16th president of the University of Minnesota. Curious about the first 15? Visit the Presidential History pages.