Q & A with President Kaler

Q. What one thing are you most passionate about?

A. Besides my family, I care deeply about my work and am passionate about being the best I can be at what I do, and about helping my students and colleagues do the same. I am also pretty fond of baseball.

Q. Who has been your greatest influence?

A. My father. He didn't have the chance to go to college in the normal way, but he worked all his life to be educated.  He was smart, funny, and my hero.

Q. What has changed most since you were a student at the U?

A. Besides my waistline, the world.  In the 1980s we had an energy crisis and an economic crisis. While we still face those challenges, the pace of change and communication is now so fast that we have to develop new ways to handle them.

Q. What are your favorite pastimes?

A. Reading the newspaper (yes, in hardcopy) with a cup of coffee and a dog or two.  Second is travel with Karen and our sons.

Q. What's your favorite social media tool?

A. At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I enjoy getting to know people face-to-face. After that, phone and email work well for me.

Q. What would you consider a must-read?

A. Flatland by Edwin Abbott.  Funny, sarcastic, and thought provoking, but with ridiculously dated views of the sexes.

Q. What is one of your pet peeves?

A. Bad drivers.

Q. How do you feel about Minnesota winters? 

A. I love snow!