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How To Use Nicotine Gum

Instructions for Use

  1. No smoking or smokeless tobacco use while using nicotine gum
  2. No acidic or hot beverages during or immediately before using Nicorette (ex. soft drinks, fruit juices, milk, beer, coffee, or tea)
  3. Nicorette is not chewed like regular gum
    1. Chew very slowly until you sense a peppery taste or feel a slight tingling in your mouth - then stop chewing and "park" the Nicorette between cheek and gums
    2. After the taste or tingling is almost gone (about one minute), chew slowly again until the taste or tingling returns - then stop chewing and "park" the Nicorette again using a different location in the mouth
  4. Chew each piece for 20-30 minutes and discard
  5. Use adequate amounts, depending on your addiction
    1. 10-16 pieces to no more than 30 pieces of 2-mg or 20 pieces of 4-mg gum per day
  6. Maintain similar daily use patterns
  7. Use for at least 3 to 6 months and then gradually reduce
  8. Keep a supply available to prevent relapse

Contraindications for Nicorette Use

  • Under age 18
  • Immediate post heart attack period
  • Life threatening arrhythmia and people with severe or worsening angina
  • Active TMJ disease
  • Pregnancy and those who may become pregnant
  • Use with caution: hyperthyroidism or insulin dependent diabetes

Side Effects

  • GI distress: hiccups, nausea, gas (from chewing too fast)
  • Chewing problems: jaw ache, biting cheek, excess saliva, loss of fillings, loosened dentures
  • Other: burning sensation, bad taste, mouth ulcers

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