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Tobacco Related Resources


CDC - tobacco infomtion and prevention sourcepage

National Spit Tobacco Education Program:

Scientific facts about spit tobacco...from what it is and why it is dangerous, to prevention and cessation information


Arizona nicotine and tobacco network. Excellent resources guide

Quit Plan:

Minnesota program to help people quit smoking

Surgeon General:
New findings about the latest drugs and counseling techniques for treating tobacco use and dependence.

Tobacco BBS:

A comprehensive resource guide, links to "Tobacco Daily", an update on US tobacco control activities

Make Smoking History:

Help for those who want to quit using tobacco from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Smokeless Users:

Program to help smokeless tobacco users quit

Teen and Young Adult Chewers:

Program to help teen and young adult smokeless and spitless tobacco users quit

Trinkets and Trash:

Online surveillance system and archive of tobacco products and tobacco industry marketing materials
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