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The following are a selected number of tobacco related printed/digital papers that was published by University of Minnesota faculty in collaborations with colleagues active in tobacco control and cessation activities.

Stafne, E.E.: The role of the dental office in tobacco cessation: A practical approach. Northwest Dentistry. 72(1): 17-21, Jan.-Feb., 1993.

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Stafne, E.E.: Cigarette smoking and periodontal diseases: The benefits of smoking cessation. Northwest Dentistry. 76(5):25-29, Sept.-Oct., 1997.

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Stafne, E.E., Newell, K.J., Spieth, C.: Raucherentwohnung: Die aufgaben der zahnarztlichen prophylaxe. In: Splieth, C., ed. Professionelle Pravention. Quintessenz Verlags, 2000. Chapter 2.7, p. 161-170.

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Lando,H.A., Hennrikus,D., Boyle,R., Lazovich,D., Stafne,E.E., Rindal,B.: Promoting tobacco abstinence among older adolescents in dental clinics. J. Smoking Cessation 2007; 2(1): 23-30.

Stafne, E.E.: The Minnesota clinic fax referral program: helping our patients become tobacco free. Northwest Dentistry 2008;87(4):40-41.

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