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Program Information

The following is a list of topics covered for dental, dental hygiene, dental therapy and graduate students:

  • The prevalence and the systemic and local effects of smoking and smokeless tobacco use.
  • Smoking as a major risk factor for periodontal diseases.
  • The effects of tobacco use on treatment results.
  • Nicotine Addiction
  • Benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle
  • Stages of Change
  • Clinical interventions
  • Use of nicotine and non-nicotine pharmacologic therapy
  • The tobacco industry influence
  • The role of oral health care providers in policy and media advocacy

A protocol for brief interventions by all students with their tobacco using patients is in place in the School of Dentistry clinics. These patients are followed-up and given continued support and encouragement for their cessation efforts.

Protocols for Tobacco Use Cessation in the Clinics

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