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Hazardous Chemicals in Smoke

If you are exposed to hazardous chemicals you have the right to be informed of their effects. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

With each puff of smoke, the body is exposed to over 4000 chemicals, over 50 of which are know to cause cancer.

A few of the chemicals in cigarette smoke are listed below.

Compound Released   Additional Information
about Compound

Nicotine   Insecticide/addictive drug
Cresol   Main ingredient for industrial plastics and adhesives
Pyrene   A main constituent of coal tar
DDT   A pesticide that has been banned from use
Carbon Monoxide   Bonds with oxygen in blood cells to cause suffocation
Car exhaust fumes
Ammonia   Used for stripping wax from floors, removing varnish
Often a toilet bowl cleaner
Hydrogen Cyanide   A fumigation poison banned from international use
Acetone   Main ingredient in fingernail polish remover
Methanol   Used as rocket fuel
Formaldehyde   Embalming fluid
Butane   Cigarette lighter fluid
Naphalene   Moth balls
Nitrobenzene   Gasoline additive
Arsenic   Poison
Cadmium   Found in batteries
Toluene   Industrial solvent
Isoprene   Natural base for tire rubber
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