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Tobacco Use and Cessation Topics

Tobacco Use Prevalence and Risks
  *Tobacco Use Prevalence/Risks/Benefits of Cessation

Adolescent Tobacco Use
  *Tobacco Use: A Pediatric Disease

Effects of Tobacco Use on the Oral Cavity
  *Tobacco Induced & Associated Oral Conditions
*Tobacco and Periodontal Diseases

Fact Sheets
  *Smokeless Tobacco Facts
*Cigar Facts
*Secondhand Smoke Facts
*Hazardous Chemicals in Smoke

Nicotine Addiction & Stages of Change
  *Nicotine Addiction
*Stages of Quitting
*How to Help in Various Stages of Change

Benefits of Quitting
  *Benefits of Quitting
*What Happens After You Quit

Dependency Questionaires
  *Fagerstrom Nicotine Dependency Questionnaire
*Why Do You Smoke? (pdf)

Pamphlets and Quit Programs
  *Tobacco Cessation Pamphlets
*Quit Tobacco Programs

Clinical Practice Guideline
  *AHRQ Clinical Practice Guideline
*Why Become Involved / Barriers

Office Tobacco Cessation Interventions
  *How to Use the Brief Tobacco Cessation Form  (pdf)
*How to Use the Extended Tobacco Cessation Intervention Form  (pdf)
*An Office Self-Help Tobacco Cessation Manual  (pdf)

Successful Patient Interactions
  *Successful Patient Interactions
*Tobacco Users Common Questions and Concerns
*How to Communicate with Tobacco Using Patients

  *Nicotine Replacement Products
*Nicotine Transdermal Patch
*Using Nicotine Patch (Handout)
*Using Nicotine Gum (Handout)
*Using Nicotine Nasal Spray and Nicotine Inhaler
*Using Nicotine Lozenge
*Tobacco Cessation Aid: Zyban
*Tobacco Cessation Aid: Chantix
*Smoking and Drug Interaction
*Combined Use of Pharmacotherapy

The Tobacco Industry Wars
  *Tobacco Industry Influence

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