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Some Benefits of Quitting Smoking

  1. You won't expose children, family, friends, and coworkers to secondhand smoke.
  2. The smell of tobacco won't cling to your clothes, hair, and fingers.
  3. You'll feel energized and have more stamina.
  4. The chance of causing a fire while you smoke is eliminated.
  5. The chronic irritation of your larynx (throat) is reduced. Your speaking voice may improve.
  6. Your shortness of breath and cough decrease.
  7. You reduce your risk of developing an ulcer.
  8. Your children are less likely to have bronchitis and pneumonia.
  9. Nonsmokers are more acceptable in public places and in homes of friends who don't smoke.
  10. If you are a woman using birth control pills, you reduce your risk of stroke.
  11. Nonsmokers on average have fewer colds.
  12. You'll reduce your risk of disability and death from coronary heart disease and lung diseases such as cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.
  13. Your circulation will improve.
  14. When you stop buying cigarettes, you'll have more spending money.
  15. You'll look and feel healthy and have a new sense of personal control.
  16. For women, your risk of having a low birth weight infant is reduced. Your infant's risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) will decrease.
  17. Your sense of smell and taste will improve.
  18. Women will reduce their risk of infertility and men their risk of impotence.
  19. You'll be less likely to develop deep lines around the corners of your mouth and eyes.
  20. Your teeth won't be stained and yellow.
  21. You'll reduce your risk for periodontal disease (bone loss around your teeth).
  22. Your wounds will heal quickly and you'll recover from surgery faster than a smoker.
  23. You'll save children the risk of increased caries in deciduous teeth and delayed formation of their permanent teeth caused by tobacco smoke exposure.
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