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Histology of the Periodontium (DENT 8250)

Spring Semester 2016

Welcome to Histology of the Periodontium, Spring Semester 2016. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, click on the icon below and go the site and download a free copy. Each PDF file is password protected. Please see Josette Fontana or Dr. Jim Hinrichs for the password.

Acrobat Reader

Slides and Handouts
Introduction and Course Objectives 116 kb 2 pages
Histology Narrative 133 kb 24 pages
Histology 1 617 kb 9 pages
Histology 2 622 kb 9 pages
Histology 3 694 kB 8 pages
Histology 4 536 kB 6 pages
Histology 5 410 kb 8 pages
Histology 6 826 kb 10 pages
Histology 7 1 MB 13 pages
Histology 8 807 kB 10 pages
Histology 9 940 kb 11 pages
Histology 10 850 kb 12 pages

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