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DDS 6112


Fall Semester 2012

Welcome to Periodontology Technique (DDS 6112), Fall Semester 2012. To access the online interactive version of this course syllabus, please click here: PDF Syllabus (251 KB). The PDF (Portable Document Format) file is viewable in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, click on the icon below and go the site and download a free copy.

These full color slide PDFs are intended to complement the course packet and be used on modile devices such as smart phones or IPads. Please do not print these files.

Acrobat Reader

Full Color Slides for Mobile Devices
Introduction to DDS 6112 56 pages
Periodontal Charting and Documentation 26 pages
Periodontal Probing and Assessment 42 pages
The 11/12 Explorer 35 pages
Universal Instruments 35 pages
Gracey Curets 30 pages
Periodontal Debridement Skills and Techniques 30 pages
Sharpening Periodontal Instruments 22 pages
Selective Polishing 23 pages
Ultrasonic/Sonic Instrumentation 56 pages
Pain Management for the Periodontal Patient 34 pages
Oral Hygiene Adjuncts and Products 90 pages

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