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Periodontology I (DDS 6111, DT 3110, DT 5110)

Summer Semester 2012

Welcome to Periodontology I, Summer Semester 2012. To access the online interactive version of this course syllabus, please click here: PDF Syllabus. The PDF (Portable Document Format) file is viewable in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, click on the icon below and go the site and download a free copy.

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Lecture Notes
Introduction to the Periodontology Curriculum 3 pages
Classification of Periodontal Diseases 3 pages
The Normal Periodontium - Parts I and II 10 pages
Epidemiology of Periodontal Diseases 6 pages
Microbial Interactions in Periodontal Diseases 13 pages
Immunity Interactions and Periodontal Diseases - Parts I and II 14 pages
Periodontal Pathology: Gingival Diseases 9 pages
Periodontal Pathology: Periodontal Diseases 7 pages
Tobacco Use and Periodontal Diseases 10 pages
Nicotine Dependence and Treatment for Periodontal Patient 15 pages
Clinical Diagnosis and Diagnostic Techniques - Parts I and II 10 pages
Radiographic Aids in Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease 8 pages
Risk Assessment, Prognosis and
Clinical Significance in Periodontal Diseases
11 pages
Periodontal Treatment Plan and Rationale of Treatment 13 pages
Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy 1 page
Periodontal Case Presentation 1 page
Patient Education and Motivation 13 pages
Patient Education: Oral Hygiene Aids and Agents 18 pages
Periodontal Therapy: Older and Female Patients
and Agressive Forms of Periodontal Diseases
8 pages
Treatment of Periodontal Emergencies 8 pages

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